Indeed, nor any shubeyka or fur hat will not save you from the cold winter, if your feet feel cold. Therefore, warming our lower limbs has been and remains the most important task of frosty seasons. The following tips will help you feel more confident when choosing a winter boots in stores and on the market.

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Most important for a good winter shoes, "breathable" material. Synthetics do not breathe in it uncomfortable, so we, of course, prefer the natural skin and fur, if funds allow. True, the artificial skin make it so that natural is not easy to distinguish. But there are three easy steps that you should use when buying.

Smell the shoes - the smell of leather in all the tricks of its treatment is difficult to confuse with anything. Press firmly to the shoe and hold his hand - leather quickly warms, artificial cold.
Push your finger on the toe of his boot or shoe. Natural material will mesh small wrinkles, which immediately straightened. Artificial and synthetic and natural very bad - will remain solid. Worse, if he fails under the finger, and a long pit will be reminded of a purchase.

True, a thick skin with a dense lining prevents wrinkles, but folds, in theory, should be visible and disappear. Additionally bend shoes. Folds formed in the crook, not have to leave after this procedure is absolutely no trace. Still, the legs when walking will follow this flexion thousand times a day.

Checking on the bend is important for the sole, which should be strong, but flexible, or one leg muscles to work overload, others - to "escape" from work. Enduring sole - one flat feet. Walk at the same time a finger along the seam - for our weather is better and if the sole is glued and sewn (kleeproshivnaya). Joints should be smooth, without breaks or sag adhesive.
Work as follows lightning, pay attention, do not get it in her fur or lining. Consider how she sewed. Also examine the lining, it can be made of artificial or natural fur, leather or textile materials. If the outside skin and inside the synthetics, the combination is not the best option. Leather inside and out with a special "breathable" spacer between them - is another matter. Of course, you never freeze with sheep fur inside boots or pink shoes women.

And finally, remember, the warranty period of winter shoes does not begin from the date of purchase, and since the beginning of the season, that is, from the first of November.


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